Our frequently asked questions (FAQs) can help answer common questions from how online study works to how you will be assessed for our flexible postgraduate programmes.

What is considered a ‘recognised’ university for eligibility?

Recognised institutions will be judged on a case-by-case basis, but broadly apply to those universities and colleges with an established reputation.

How flexible is the online study?

Each module has six scheduled learning sessions, made up of one-hour scheduled online teaching by an SIM academic and four hours of online individual and group activities. These lessons are at specific scheduled times, but additional resources and recording are available for extended learning beyond scheduled lessons. 

What’s the pass mark for a module?

Students must attain a minimum overall mark of 50% in each module. Students are assessed on their attendance and participation in all activities and are required to complete all module assessments to progress. This is an intensive part-time programme. All students are encouraged to attain a minimum attendance rate of 75%.

What happens if I fail a module assessment?

Students are allowed one repeat attempt for one assessment per module. A student who fails a module and passes on the following attempt will have grade points for both attempts included in their cumulative GPA calculation. Students will be terminated if they fail 2 attempts for the same module or exceed the candidature of 32 months for a Graduate Diploma, or 16 months for a Graduate Certificate.

What happens if the programme is cancelled?

A minimum of 10 students are required for a class to commence. Students will be advised of any cancellation within 30 days of the commencement date if the programme will not commence.

Does SIM offer any additional support for online learning?

You will have access to a Student Advisor throughout the programme of your studies, helping to support and guide you throughout the process. That includes practical help and guidance for application alongside information about the programme and learning platform.

Is there an application fee?

Yes. It’s $90 SGD or $98.10 SGD depending on if your application is subject to GST. You can find more out about fees https://www.sim.edu.sg/degrees-diplomas/admissions/application-process

Are there any hidden fees?

Singapore Institute of Management Pte Ltd (SIM PL) is committed to meeting the regulatory requirements under the Private Education Act. That includes protection of fees under the Fee Protection Scheme, transparent refund, programme transfer, leave of absence and withdrawal policies, and a seven-day cooling off period as per standard PEI-Student Contract terms.

Is Singapore Institute of Management accredited?

SIM was one of the first private education institutions (PEIs) to be registered under the Committee for Private Education’s (CPE) Enhanced Registration Framework (ERF), a mandatory registration for all PEIs operating in and from Singapore. Since May 2010, SIM has also been awarded the EduTrust Certification by the CPE in recognition for the quality of its education.

Is there a minimum number of students for each class?

A minimum of 10 students are required for a class to commence. If this number is not reached, applicants will be advised of cancellation within 30 days of the commencement date and receive a refund of their programme fees and miscellaneous fees. Find out more: https://www.sim.edu.sg/degrees-diplomas/sim-global-education/edutrust

Is there any medical insurance or hospitalisation expense reimbursement plan?

SIM provides a medical insurance scheme for all its students. Please find out more about the scheme at https://www.sim.edu.sg/degrees-diplomas/admissions/medical-insurance

When do the programmes start and end?
Programme Starts Graduate Certificate Programme Ends Graduate Diploma Programme Ends

July 2023

March 2024

November 2024

What is the average teacher to student ratio?

The average teacher to student ratio is 1:30.

What are the attendence requirements?

This is an intensive part-time programme. All students are encouraged to attain a minimum attendance rate of 75%.

What type of certification is awarded?

Graduating students who passed all modules will be issued a transcript and awarded with either a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma from SIM upon graduation.