The Benefits of E-Learning

Online e-learning is an exciting emerging area in Singapore, and one which many of us have become more familiar with during the recent pandemic years.

Remote study online is no longer a niche area of learning, but is a vibrant and exciting opportunity to unlock education in an evolving and accessible way. Respected private education institutions like our own now offer smooth digital engagement based on an outstanding online learning platform to truly power up your e-learning experience.

Singapore Institute of Management is proud to offer a wide range of flexible, 100% online programmes that can energise your career opportunities in areas of business management, data science, information technology, human resources and more.

It’s understandable that some people are uncertain about the best way forward for e-learning opportunities. It’s a relatively fresh opportunity in Singapore, and there’s so much choice… so how do you know whether online learning vs classroom learning is the right choice for you?

We’ve put together a helpful list of the benefits of e-learning, and some key considerations when assessing your future education opportunities.

Flexible Education

Education is about building opportunities. But that’s not always easy in the busy modern environment. Our 100% online programmes offer a new pathway to embrace that potential, with a flexible study approach that fits around your existing commitments.

According to a study by research and analysts firm Brandon-Hall, e-learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time[1] than learning the same material in a classroom setting.

Studying online provides access to the same outstanding education through a new, flexible digital learning platform. That means the same quality of learning, the same value to your education, just wrapped up in a pioneering new online approach.

You can study from your front room, your bedroom, your office, or wherever you want to be. Just turn on your device, log on, and engage with your education. That means no need to worry about that guy loudly typing in the front row of a lecture!

Work-life Balance

With clear scheduling and digital delivery, SIM’s 100% online programmes allow you to enjoy a better work-life balance without being at the mercy of lengthy commuting or frustrating traffic jams.

SIM’s E-Learning programmes offer a flexible study approach that combines scheduled guided learning with student study. Each module includes five hours of timetabled contact time per week backed by 15 hours of student learning.

Students are further supported by recorded videos, case studies, and activities which are hosted through the centralised online learning platform. Additional learning is expected through self-paced supplementary reading and directed study. That means guided support to steer your education, backed by study time that fits your schedule.

Avoiding travel even helps reduce your carbon footprint! UK-based online university Open University found that e-learning courses demand an average 87% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions[2] per student than conventional face-to-face courses

Accessible Opportunity

Flexibility means more than just a digital programme structure that avoids the difficulties of rush hour traffic. Flexibility means a genuinely accessible experience for those students with even more significant time pressures to juggle.

Analysis of the share of individuals using online learning materials in the UK by Statista shows that while the 16-24 age group are the highest users of online learning, students aged 35-64 had broadly equal e-learning engagement across both genders, with even 5% of those aged over 65 using online learning materials[3].

Whether you’re working a busy job while trying to make time for family at home, or a parent or carer with responsibilities that make the idea of accessing education even more difficult, digital delivery helps you.

Online learning provides that wonderful additional serving of accessibility compared to classroom learning, making a more accessible educational experience for all.

Seamless Digital Experience

SIM’s E-Learning programmes offers a platform to expand your career potential with an accessible educational opportunity supported by user-friendly digital delivery.

There’s no need to worry about awkward learning platforms or untested systems. Our online programme is developed by expert learning designers with global experience of online learning delivery, working to complement SIM’s outstanding educational expertise.

Our simple, intuitive digital learning platform provides a centralised education with programme materials and assignments in one place, leaving you simply to log on, learn, and embrace the potential of an innovative digital learning experience.

Streamlined Learning Support

Some students might worry that online learning means going through the education journey alone. That’s not true at SIM. We recognise the importance of support during education, which is why we provide comprehensive one-to-one support to answer all your questions as and when you need it, leaving you to focus on the study.

Our digital learning platform will also help smooth your education journey. One survey from learning science company McGraw-Hill in the US show that 81% of US college students found that digital learning tools helped boost their grades[4].

All students of SIM’s E-learning programmes are supported by a Student Enrolment Advisor (SEA) for their end-to-end journey. That means help with everything from the application process through to advice and guidance on distance learning and time management during your studies. These experienced advisors are on hand every step of the way.

Online learning doesn’t have to feel ‘distant’, with a simple, user-friendly digital experience to empower your study and a digitally connected cohort of peers to collaborate with.

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