6 Top Skills for Future Leadership

Strong leadership is more critical than ever as we race towards an interconnected and technology-driven world. Effective leadership adapting to modern changes is crucial for an organisation's future success with the changes happening in all industries. 

Gone are the leadership qualities of yesteryear – authoritarian, competitive, and micromanaging  – all of which are not necessarily practical skills that organisations would choose to develop for the future workforce.

To lead and create the future, let us dive into these future leadership skills that we will need to apply:

1. Agility/Flexibility

Agile leadership increases the ability to become more situationally aware. Due to rapidly changing conditions in the workplace, agile leaders act with purpose and flexibility to lead, build, and navigate challenging business decisions. 

2. Data-Driven Decision-Making

Back in the day, with limited technology, it made more sense to make decisions based on gut feeling and past experience. However, as the world evolves and we head into a future filled with data-driven methodologies, leaders must learn how to make crucial decisions based on data-based evidence.

3. Empathy

Increasingly, companies seek leaders who demonstrate empathy and can look past their self-interests. Being empathic creates a bond with the team to help understand why a particular employee might be underperforming and how we can offer support or develop a solution to help them do better. When the team feels comfortable sharing their feelings, it creates a more conducive work environment.

4. Transparency

Transparency helps cultivate trust. In the past, leaders had the tendency to keep ongoing news about the company, whether positive or negative, to themselves. However, in the ever-changing workplace, future leaders understand that transparency regarding company goals and earnings makes employees feel more valued. When employees begin to trust us as a person, they tend to respect us more as a leader.

5. Communicative

Influential leaders are always on top of their communication skills, and future communication entails superb written and verbal skills, and active listening. The focal point for solid communication is language that satisfies employees' developmental and motivational needs, while meeting corporate or enterprise commitments.

6. Authentically Self-Aware

As successful leaders, we need to accept that we are not always correct and will not always excel in everything — and that’s okay! Self-awareness means understanding where we thrive and where we should improve —which can benefit our company's productivity in many ways.

Leadership in a New World

So, what’s next? By enrolling in our Graduate Diploma in Business Management (E-Learning) programme, rest assured that we are here to guide you to become a successful leader who will lead your team into a future full of opportunities! 

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