Have What It Takes to Land These 5 Cybersecurity Jobs?

In recent years, the term “cybersecurity” has become increasingly common as the world becomes more and more digitalised. Hence, industries and companies require an online presence to connect with clients and consumers. 

While this benefits an organisation in terms of sales and insights, it comes with challenges emerging from the dangers of cybercrime. Cybercrime attacks include malware, phishing, man-in-the-middle, and drive-by attacks. This is where criminals could compromise your computer and use it to steal resources, such as private information and digital currencies.

Sounds scary? This is why every organisation needs cybersecurity to stand a chance against these threats. 

Career Progression in Cybersecurity

As cyber threats become a growing concern, specialised cybersecurity roles become increasingly important. It is critical to understand the world of information security and choose a career path that's right for you.

There are different career directions in terms of being a cybersecurity analyst, which usually depends on your interests and goals. 

Let's take a closer look at five specialisations as you advance your career.

1. Security Engineer

Security engineers enjoy tinkering with technology and like to take a big-picture approach to cybersecurity. It is crucial for security engineers to use their knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities to build and implement better defence systems against a growing range of security concerns. 

Skills to develop:

* Critical thinking
* IT networking
* System administration
* Risk assessment

2. Incident Responder

Let's be real; security incidents happen despite a company's best security efforts. Incident response involves what needs to be taken care of after a security incident. As an incident responder, monitoring your company's network and working to fix vulnerabilities and minimise losses when breaches occur will be the main priority.

Skills to develop:

* Attention to detail
* Technical writing and documentation
* Intrusion detection tools
* Forensics software

3. Security Consultant

Companies always require security consultants to test if their computer and network systems are weak targets for vulnerabilities or security risks. A good understanding and practice of cybersecurity offence and defence are needed by testing systems for vulnerabilities and developing plans to strengthen those systems.

Skills to develop:

* Penetration and vulnerability testing
* Threat management
* Operating systems
* Encryption

4. Ethical Hacker

An ethical hacker is someone who takes a proactive approach to cybersecurity – they are not hackers who steal information to create potential harm. By playing the part of the intruder, ethical hackers seek to find vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. An ethical hacker also helps companies build more secure systems and implement attack vectors to reveal security weaknesses.

Skills to develop:

* Cryptography
* Penetration testing
* Computer networking
* Scripting

5. Cybersecurity Manager

As you gain more cybersecurity experience, you may advance towards a leadership position within your organisation. Cybersecurity managers oversee an organisation's network and computer security systems, manage and coordinate between security teams, and ensure security compliance. 

Skills to develop:

* Project management
* Risk management
* Leadership
* Collaboration

Before you venture into a cybersecurity role, take some time to develop core information technology skills, including programming, networks and systems administration, and cloud computing.

Companies must hire highly skilled cybersecurity professionals to protect their data and systems. By pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Management (E-Learning) at Singapore Institute of Management, you can access a comprehensive support system tailored to meet your needs. Each module is delivered through a centralised and user-friendly digital platform that helps enhance learning and prepares students for real-world scenarios. 

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